The Approach

Recently I had some holidays in the beginning of Jun’11 (Ascension Day on Thursday and also got Friday off :)). So I made up the plan of visiting Oslo. I have a few friends who live there who have been inviting me for quite sometime now. So it was going to be a bonus reunion on top of seeing a totally new country  🙂

When my airplane was near Oslo airport, the pilot descended and started making approach to the runway. I took the picture that you can see above while the plane was turning right. I was sitting on the right side in the fuselage next to the window so this gave me a very nice angle to view the scenery down on the ground. I had my camera already out and ready for any oppertunity. So I immediately started clicking and took 3-4 pictures but this is the one I liked the most.

It was a sunny day and small clouds roaming in the sky were making really nice shadows on the ground. Some you can spot in the picture too.

Anyways this is it about the picture. We had a nice landing, there was not much wind that day. I had a great time in Oslo, may be I blog more about that in some later posts.

For now, I hope you liked the picture. I hope that covers up for my poor writing skills:) This happens to be my first blog (ever) and that too a quick one! Please drop a line or two of criticism (please let it be positive:).

Oh yeah, about me. I am just a casual photographer. Photography is my hobby. I am engineer by profession. (Nice to meet you too) 🙂

Wishing you a good day!

Thanks for your time!


~ by Haroon on June 16, 2011.

12 Responses to “The Approach”

  1. I guess I am the first one to read this first blog of yours and I seriously don’t wanna write one :p Its like talking to your own self :p Cause that I do every morning standing in front of bathroom mirror. Hope this was positive criticism :p Keep blogging!

  2. Good work Mr. Engineer/Photographer………:). Keep on writing

  3. awesomeeeee!

  4. Nice Snap Mr Engineer.

  5. wow…haroon i am impressed MAshallah…..the pic is really cool and doesn’t seem like taken from plane’s window…..keep up the god work….tc

  6. Wow guys!!!! thanks a lot for your comments and liking! You just made my day 😀

  7. you have learned alot from your child hood friend 😛 its always nice to see your pictures mate.

  8. m nt a photographr so cnt cmnt on d being an englsh lang teachr cn say dt gud writn skl though sum fresh wrds cud ve made d writin mre gud job so thumbs up fo u bro…

  9. drama queen 😛

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