Life In A Metro

The metro system of Oslo city is really nice and organized.

The trains travel both underground and above ground. During my stay I didn’t find any train arriving later than the expected time, which is displayed on the electric boards installed on the stations. The trains are quite neat and offer quick and safe travel. I used to buy a daily pass which allows unlimited travel for the next 24 hours and works on these metro, trams, buses and water taxis within a particular zone. If you want to travel more, then get this pass otherwise buying individual tickets is surely going to cost you too much.

I took this picture while sitting on the bench waiting for my train. Here I intentionally used a slower shutter speed to give the impression of a motion blur on the train. The lady you see was busy talking on the phone, both subjects adding up to give the feel of the busy life on a metro station.

From now on, I would also publish the EXIF information of the picture, for those interested.

EXIF Information:

Exposure : 0.1 sec (1/10)

Aperture : f/5.6

Focal Length : 50 mm

ISO Speed : 400

Have a nice weekend everyone!


~ by Haroon on June 18, 2011.

2 Responses to “Life In A Metro”

  1. now ds z sumthn no care n no concern fo odrz….bs b ur self…..

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