When was the last time you paid attention to minute details in your life?

I know it’s just an ok-ish picture but don’t know why this keeps pulling me towards it. It makes me wonder and think, could this be how small creatures like ants, roaches etc see this world? What would they think about us; who are these mighty creature? what are they doing? where are they all going and coming from? Do they also live in cracks? how big would be the size of those cracks? Do these people live in colonies? Do they have families? What do they eat and how much times of my daily food? From where would they get this much food? etc etc….

Coming back to our level; what would be like the life of a small creature? Is what I am seeing in this picture would be entire world for some tiny creature? In that case a distance which is 10 mins walk for us would be like going to a different planet altogether for them, no? Would they also wonder as to what life would be like there? What kind of creatures live there, would they be like us?

Isn’t this all a matter of perspective guys? Like aren’t these all the questions we keep on asking ourselves everyday about other planets and solar systems. We know only that much what we have seen and have fantasies about what lies beyond that? We consider ourselves big but in the perspective of someone/something else, would we be a tiny ant or even smaller than that? If we consider ourselves all powerful and mighty, imagine what’s our size and value if seen from a plane. Keep zooming out and you will start realizing how small we are and how much do we matter. For instance, watch this for a perspective refresh. Or even better watch this. Do you feel tiny and insignificant? Now consider the might of The Creator who created all of this. From His perspective all of this would be small. How did He create all this and put everything in a system that works like He wants it to? Doesn’t He has so much to look after? Still He is able to pay attention to what I whisper or even what think in my head. How can He do this? What a might He has and what are we in comparison to Him??!!!! I bow down to him for HE IS THE ALL MIGHTY, my creator and MOST POWERFUL!!!!


~ by Haroon on June 21, 2011.

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